Few would argue that natural disasters are not so natural since it is caused by man itself unlike the Norwich Blitz. These people believe that in our quest for global improvement we are also damaging the planet through pollution and war. Hence the natural disasters. For me, natural or man-made, I only think of one thing, and that is how it has affected the civilians where it occur. For this post, I will be sharing the most devastated disasters in history and how the people stood up against it and started a new life.

Earthquake in Haiti


With over 200,000 civilians dead, this earthquake is considered as one of the strongest with the magnitude of 7.0. With the country’s already bad economy status, Haiti suffered even more. More than a million of people were in need of medicine, food, and shelter. Buildings and homes were crushed to the grounds along with the bodies. Celebrities and normal folks offered donations and relief aids in order to let the country stand up again. To inspire the citizens again, artists created an album dedicated to the people with proceeds directly for the ones who are in need of help.

Hurricane Katrina in the United States of America

Though only ranked as the 6th strongest hurricane in the country, it has been considered by many as the deadliest. Their were numerous of properties that were destroyed amounting to billions in total. The news about it was followed by people all over the world. Citizens with different races united in order to inspire and help Americans build their lives again from the ground up.

Tsunami and Earthquake in Tohoku, Japan

As the breaking news of 2011, these two disasters wiped down areas of Japan and became the world’s 7th largest quake. When it happened it almost started a nuclear disaster when 3 of the reactors from the Fukushima nuclear plant partially melted. The earthquake itself was stronger than what happened in Haiti with an estimated magnitude of 9.0. People from around the world gathered together and offered whatever they could in order to help the Japanese.

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Named in the Philippines as Yolanda, this tropical cyclone was branded by many as a super typhoon when it lead to the death of thousands and over a million homeless civilians. Various foreign NGO’s and celebrities visited the country to offer their aid. The country’s government was criticized by many because up until today, major changes in the affected areas are still not seen and the people are still starving and living in the evacuation centers. Even so, the politicians are still giving support and encouragement to the civilians to do their part as well and not just rely on the relief goods and NGO support programs.

The effect of disasters may be hard to get over with and sometimes people who are affected by it easily give up. Working together as one may it be from different races and ages, will produce an impact that is priceless. Surviving a disaster is great story to tell so one must live life to the fullest knowing that each day is a blessing and will forever be one.