best inflatable sup

It seems like we could all use a little more love these days.  The world seems like a pretty dark, hopeless, scary place.  We all feel alone some times.  History seems to continue to repeat itself, with wars and oppression and prejudices and anger.  It seems like we are stuck on repeat in a vicious, ugly cycle that we will never break.

It all started when I was reading a review of an inflatable sup review the other day.  Paddle boarding has always been something I’m interested in, and I was looking for my next purchase.  However, I made it to the comments of this review and all I saw was hurt.   Name calling, insults, invalidation, making people feel small and petty and insignificant.   People were cutting each other deep, all over an isup board.  While it sounds ridiculous, it’s true.  We are all a little hurt on the inside, and you know the saying that hurt people hurt people.

I want to challenge you to turn that around today.  You might be hurt by someone, but don’t return the hurt to someone else.  Change the trajectory.  You have the power to alter the course of history – for good!  Use the opportunity to bless someone instead.  Practice spreading random acts of kindness freely, and without any expectations.  Be a smile, a ray of sunshine, in someone’s life that desperately needs some light.

Be the love that crosses oceans.  No matter where you are.  Leave an encouraging message instead of one filled with criticism, even for a stranger.  Mail a note to a long lost friend and tell them all the things you appreciate about them.  Buy someone a coffee just because.  Give up the best seat in the house for someone who just needs a little grace.

Pour out hope, and it will return to you.  It may not be today, but it will find its way back to you.  All the awesome people in the world already trying this – thank you.  The world needs more of you.  And to the rest of you, what are you waiting for.  There’s no better time than the present to spread the love around.

And if your work goes unnoticed, that’s ok too.  If no one ever says thank you to your face, know that I’m saying it to you here.  You are the difference maker that this world needs.  You are valuable.  You are treasured.  Thank you for your gift of you to the world, and the happiness that this spreads.